CurAegis Technologies, Inc. (formerly Torvec, Inc.) was incorporated as a New York business corporation on September 25, 1996. Upon its incorporation, the Company acquired a number of patents, inventions and know-how created by Vernon E. Gleasman and his sons, James and Keith Gleasman, a family with more than fifty years of experience in the automotive industry. Since its inception, the Company has endeavored to design, develop, build and commercialize its technology portfolio.

CurAegis is comprised of two independent divisions focused on very different market segments and products. Our CURA division, formed in 2015, specializes in advanced Fatigue Management products including wearable devices offering real-time alertness monitoring, and the latest in online sleep/fatigue management and interactive learning. Our Aegis division, the company’s legacy, develops advanced hydraulic pump and motor designs that provide higher power density, smaller size, and greater efficiency. Together, these divisions create a wholly unique and innovative company.

CurAegis Technologies, Inc. is a public corporation, traded on the OTCQB: CRGS. See Investors section for more details.


CurAegis Technologies, Inc. is at the forefront of innovation and development in the realms of fatigue management (CURA Division) and fluid power (Aegis Division). The goals of our technologies are to increase the safety, productivity, efficiency, and quality of life for every user.

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