Hydraulic Pump & Motor Test Bench

Our pump and motor test system utilizes the latest technologies to provide precise control of drive speeds, pressure regulation and flow control.

The test bench can be set up to test open and closed loop pumps and motors. We can also build a stand that is capable of testing a hydrostatic pump and motor together. All torque, shaft speed, flow, pressure and temperature data is continuously recorded; flow, pressure, and temperature are monitored at the inlet, outlet and case drain.
Whether you are testing a coolant pump or a high-pressure aerospace pump, our test systems provide a valuable solution to your testing needs.

Our regenerative pump and motor test systems features:

  • Precise control of RPM, torque or pressure
  • Hydraulic swash control for pump flow control[1]
  • Static or dynamic loading
  • Analysis capabilities including pressure ripple, rated flow, rated torque, and response time
  • Support for various oils (typically test with ISO 32 or 46 HF-2 hydraulic oil but can support ATF, Phosphate Ester based, red oils, etc.)
  • 20-60 oC temperature testing and chamber integration
  • Flexible testing modes of manual diagnostic testing
  • Automated report generation and database integration
  • Capacity to test open and closed-circuit pumps, with manifold control reverse switching and auxiliary boost supplement supply if needed
  • Motor testing done by connecting to a pump through a belt drive.
  • Electronic input equipment for testing electronically controlled pumps.
*We are not limited to the above standard testing features and capabilities. Please inquire for additional custom testing needs.

Capabilities & Equipment:

  • Pump capacity – 150 HP, 550 ftlb, 1800 RPM[2]
  • Motor capacity – 100 HP, 240 ftlb, 3000 RPM, 60 GPM inlet flow[2]
  • 5000 PSI, 100 GPM measurement capabilities
  • Pump inlet pressure control – 12-100 PSIA
  • Pump outlet / motor inlet pressure control – 200-5000 PSI
  • Motor outlet pressure control – 10-500 PSI
  • 4 micron filtration on pump inlet and motor inlet
  • Auxiliary charge pump – 20 HP, 100 GPM
  • 2 auxiliary measurement loops – 4 GPM, 5000 PSI, 4 micron filtration
  • 2 auxiliary measurement loops – 12 GPM, 50 PSIA, 10 micron filtration
  • Auxiliary pump swash plate control loop – 5 GPM, 1000 PSI, 4 micron filtration

1.    Can accommodate any standard form of swash control
2.   Testing limits dependent on displacement and efficiencies of the devices under test




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