The CURA® System (Circadian User Risk Assessment) is the first and only system that is scientifically validated to analyze a user’s unique circadian rhythm, sleep patterns and other biological metrics. Our technologies reduce fatigue risk to help you manage your sleep and overcome fatigue. The CURA System provides actionable information about sleep quality and fatigue and how it impacts safety and wellness. Information gleaned from the CURA System enables you to understand the risk of fatigue within your environment while promoting positive behavior changes.

The CURA System features:
  • Real-time alertness monitoring using myCadian®
    • A unique combination of biological, historical and motion metrics are analyzed by the proprietary CURA software to identify when you experience a variation of alertness. Using an online dashboard, the system also notifies third parties, if desired, to let them know your alertness is changing. This is especially important if your alertness is essential to properly perform tasks, fulfil responsibilities and avert disasters.
  • CURA Software (CURA Score + GWI)
    • Using a 10-point scale, the analysis of data gathered from the watch numerically scores your fatigue risk level (the individual CURA Score). This score functions as a gauge to assess the risk of alertness degradation and your ability to perform tasks.
    • Individual CURA Scores of employees, along with other metrics, combine to create a company’s Group Wellness Index (GWI). This gives your organization an overview of your employee population’s overall fatigue risk profile. (coming soon)
  • Z-Coach Wellness Program
    • Z-Coach is an online fatigue management training platform that provides science-based information, practical strategies and tools to enhance sleep, alertness, performance and safety on the road, in the workplace and everyday life. For more information, click here

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The CURA System has been scientifically validated in several different labs.
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According to a report from RAND Corp., tired workers cost U.S. economy $411 billion a year in reduced job productivity and fatigue-related accidents.


Workplace accidents are tragic, costly, and bad for morale. Unfortunately, many companies are one good night’s sleep away from a serious, costly, and preventable workplace accident. Even if your employees aren’t flying planes or operating heavy machinery, they could make poor decisions resulting in accidents involving themselves or others. Even one slip-and-fall involving a sleepy worker could result in extremely costly (and avoidable) litigation for your company.

Fortunately, most accidents are preventable. When your employees achieve a solid night’s sleep, they’re better prepared to act, think, and behave safely. In the event of an emergency, they will feel more clear-headed and responsive. When your company invests in sleep, you demonstrate a genuine concern for your employees’ safety. And your bottom line will thank you for it.

Sleep is important as a major component of good health. A lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep, can not only impair your safety, but sabotage health goals and overall wellness.

Good rest manifests in the workplace with higher productivity, less absenteeism, fewer accidents and mistakes while creating a better quality of life for you and your employees. These improvements can have a substantially positive effect on corporate profits without additional operational burdens to your company. 


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