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President and Chief Scientist - M3 Alertness Management

Dr. Mallis is an international leader in Fatigue Risk Management Systems and alertness research. She is widely published and a popular speaker with both industry and government audiences. Dr. Mallis has provided expertise to the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Defense, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Transport Canada, International Air Transport Association and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia. She is a fellow at the George Mason University Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security, a member of several scientific review and advisory committees, and a peer reviewer for the leading journals in the sleep science field.

Dr. Melissa Mallis is the President and Chief Scientist of M3 Alertness Management, LLC and acts as the Senior Science Advisor to DB&A. Prior to serving as DB&A’s Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Mallis was Chief Scientist for Operational and Fatigue Research at the Institutes for Behavior Resources and Director of Scientific Affairs for Alertness Solutions. From 1999 to2005, Dr. Mallis led the NASA Fatigue Countermeasures Program at Ames Research Center, making significant contributions to safety, research, and education in the aviation and space environments. Throughout her career, Dr. Mallis has conducted research examining different in-flight fatigue countermeasures, drowsiness detection technologies, and challenges associated with ultra-long range flights.

For Dr. Mallis’ full resume, click here.

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