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Professor & Director of Stress Research Institute - Stockholm University

Dr. Åkerstedt is a professor of Behavioral Medicine and director of the Stress Research Institute of Stockholm University, where he also leads a research group that focuses on stress, sleep and recovery, in particular on the role of sleep in fatigue regulation. The group also focuses on preventive measures such as stress management, sleep advice and alertness-enhancing measures. His research areas are mainly sleep regulation, stress and sleep, sleep quality, hours of work and health, sleepiness and security, and the nature of drowsiness.
Dr. Åkerstedt earned his PhD in Psychology and has published more than 200 scientific papers on sleep regulation, work hours and health, and related areas. He is the past Secretary General of the World Federation of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Societies and past President of the European Sleep Research Society. He was also a co-organizer of the biannual congress of the Working Time and Shift Work Society (a section of the ICOH) in Stockholm in 2011.
For Dr. Akerstedt’s full resume, click here.

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