The New York Times | U.S. Safety Board Blames Deadly California Bus Crash on Two Sleepy Drivers

A federal safety board on Tuesday blamed a deadly 2016 bus crash in California on two sleepy drivers and criticized the Trump administration for dropping a proposal requiring commercial drivers to be screened for sleep apnea.

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The New York Times | 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to 3 Americans for Body Clock Studies
"This is great recognition for the field of circadian rhythms that are intimately linked to our health and disease, including diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

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Dallas Business Journal | Pilots file fatigue grievance against American Airlines
"The union that represents American Airlines pilots has filed a labor grievance against the carrier accusing the company of violating fatigue risk management policies."

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Safety and Health Magazine | Fatigue and Worker Safety
"Employers are becoming increasingly aware that fatigue is a safety issue, Olszewski said, and they, along with workers, play a role in tackling the problem."

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Fatigue Science | 5 areas sleep has the greatest impact on athletic performance
"For all of us, sleep is an important component of maintaining optimum health. For elite athletes, however, sleep becomes a crucial pillar of success. Reaction times and motor function, motivation, focus, stress regulation, muscle recovery, sprint performance, muscle glycogen, glucose metabolism, memory and learning, injury risk, illness rates, unwanted weight gain…. sleep (or lack thereof) plays a part in all of these things. And sleep, as more and more athletes are learning, has a big impact on performance, wins, and losses."

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CNN | Trucker in Tracy Morgan crash hadn't slept for 28 hours, NTSB says
"A truck driver's fatigue -- exacerbated by his decision to drive 12 hours to work before he even started his 14-hour shift -- likely caused the June 2014 crash that killed comedian James McNair and seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan in New Jersey, federal officials said Tuesday."

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